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Is there an age limit on passengers?

No children under five (5) allowed on tours/rides


Is there a weight limit?

Weight Limit is dependent upon aircraft used and number of passengers.  Please contact us for more information regarding this requirement.


Deposit/payment policy?

A deposit must be made on any flight at the time of booking and the balance paid prior to your flight.


Payment type?

We accept all major credit cards.


Cancellation/Refund policy?

Deposit is non-refundable if customer cancels flight for any reason other than weather (by pilot) and/or if cancelled by customer less than 24 hours before scheduled flight time.


Can I reschedule flight from original booking date?

Yes, you can reschedule your flight at any time within 24 hours of your existing booking.


What if the weather is bad on the day of my flight?

The pilot keeps track of the weather at all times prior to your flight and if he feels the weather would prohibit a safe flight he will call you within a reasonable timeframe to advise you and you can reschedule for any time convenient for you.


What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. In the winter – wear a jacket to make sure you are warm enough. In the summer – bring a light jacket as on warm days the doors are off our single engine and, depending on the time of day you might need a light jacket


How soon before my flight should I arrive at the airport?

We ask that you arrive no later than 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time. We suggest you generally plan to arrive at the airport 30 minutes before you are booked to take off to allow the pilot to go over the flight with you and for loading in order that you can depart on time so there are no delays on later flights during the day.


Must I purchase a Gift Certificate for a specific tour or can I let the recipient choose?

You can do it either way – purchase a Gift Certificate for a specific tour or you can buy a gift certificate in a dollar amount and let the recipient use the certificate towards any tour they wish.


Have more questions?

Give us a call at (847) 602-1888 or send us an email at info@amairservice.com and we will answer any other questions you might have.