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Corporate/Executive Travel

  • Part 135 Air Taxi/On Demand Charter Operator
  • Twin Engine Performance & Safety
  • Comfortable 6 passenger air conditioned cabin
  • 2 pilot option
  • Executive Point to Point Service
  • Pick up from any area airport and fly direct to subsidiary offices, plants or factories
  • A quick, easy and efficient use of time
  • Discreet and Private
  • Sales and Group Outings
  • Take customers to a day at the races or a sporting event, traveling in comfort and style while impressing important clients
  • Perfect extension to Midwest Corporate Travel
  • AM AIR SERVICE allows you to experience the benefits of owning a private aircraft without the commitment and costs associated with a private ownership.
  • Let us compliment your existing jet aircraft charter operator. Our services allow businesses to maximize their productivity while minimizing their investment
  • Convenient and cost effective travel.
  • Serving the Midwest.
  • Helicopter Charters ensure timely departure and arrival